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Doris Bush Wins World Championship

World Records

I’ve learned a good bit by participating in still target shooting for the past several years. First of all, I’ve learned that a lot of folks shoot better than I do, including my wife, Doris. In just 2 years of competitive still target shooting, she’s set a World Record that still stands and has won the World Championship in the Ladies Hunter Class. She also came very close to winning a second World Championship in the 20 Gauge Open Class.

After winning the Ladies Hunter Class she became the first woman in the history of the 20 Gauge Open to ever advance to the “final four” in that class. She went on to outscore every competitor, with the exception of the eventual winner!

I must add that she accomplished all of this with a stock, off the rack, Remington 870 Express shotgun with a 26” barrel and a standard Swarm 20 Gauge Turkey Choke. Her gun is equipped with a telescopic sight, a 4X Simmons Diamond Reticle scope purchased at a discount store for $49.95. We installed a Bear Tooth Comb Raising Kit to align her eye with the scope, the cost of that was about $19.00 bringing her total investment to just over $300.00.

I mention the gun and its components for a very specific reason. They all are available to any shooter. There is nothing custom made or altered from the gun that you can purchase from your local dealer and the choke that you can purchase from

When shooting in the 20 Gauge Open Class, Doris was shooting against custom made guns and chokes that may not be available to the average shooter. Competitors in that class can use heavy barreled, custom made shotguns with any type of choke, including those that have been altered to improve performance. Even against that type of competition, she beat all competitors except the eventual winner! That says a lot about the shooter and her equipment.

Doris should be an inspiration to anyone who wants to learn to shoot or hunt. In 2006, already a grandmother, this accomplished musician decided that she wanted to learn to shoot. More than that, she wanted to compete in still target shoots! She began by shooting my Remington 870 Express 20 gauge and did quite well. It quickly became apparent, however, that it was time for her to have her own gun.

We visited Mann & Son (Since 1945) and John showed her a new Remington 870 Express with a very attractive laminated stock and a 26” barrel. It was love at first sight and she promptly named that gun "Sara". We installed a Swarm 20 Gauge Turkey Choke, slipped a Shooter’s Friend recoil pad over the butt and she was in business.

In 2006 she entered several state and regional shoots sanctioned by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and won most of them. Later that year, at the World Championship Shoot, she set a Women’s World Record by placing 30 pellets in a 3” circle at 40 yards!

Doris is a busy lady. She's involved with her church, her extended family, and other “projects” including vegetable gardening. The press of those activities kept her from entering many shoots in 2007. She went to the World Championship Shoot to earn “seats” for the semi-finals at the qualifying shoot on Friday.

She did! She won several squads and proceeded to win more squads in the semi-finals until she was in the “final four“. To win the championship you must be the first of the final four to win 2 squads. She was!

Doris was as gracious in winning as she had been throughout the entire shoot and even her competitors were happy for her victory. At the Championship presentation ceremony, Rhett Simmons, coordinator of the event, praised her shooting form, her determination and her sportsmanship. She received applause and congratulations from all present.

Doris has been an inspiration to many folks over the years in many areas of life. She has been willing to share whatever she has. She has now begun a whole new phase of her life by being willing to share the joys of the shooting sports with others.

If you have questions about becoming involved in the shooting sports, you may contact Doris through this web site or by e-mail to Feel free to ask any questions that may be on your mind and she’ll respond.

One other thing that I’ve learned by participating in still target shooting is that friends will never let you forget that your wife shoots better than you do.

You may learn more about still target shooting and the NWTF at

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