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The Grand American Trap Shoot

World Shooting Complex

I just returned from a visit to the Grand American Trap Shoot that had its debut at the new World Shooting Complex in Sparta, Illinois. After being in Vandalia, Ohio for many years the ATA was forced to move its premier trap shoot, the Grand and was fortunate to gain the cooperation of the State of Illinois that spent something over $50,000,000 on this new shooting complex. It is something to see, both the complex and the Grand.
It is reported that over 100,000 folks visit the Grand during its 11 day run. I don't know if every day has been like today when I visited but if so, everyone should be delighted!
I was able to drive into the complex without encountering any traffic congestion and had little problem finding a place to park. It's just a huge place with lots of parking and lots of room. There were people everywhere but there was no feeling of crowding. The vendors were doing a brisk business and the 3.5 miles of trap fields were all occupied.
It was hot, about 88 but humidity was not bad and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I did meet a couple of folks from Ohio who were not happy that the Grand had moved from their home state, that's understandable but they said they'd get used to the new home.
Vendors seemed to have plenty of everything that you might need for the shooting sports. Gunsmithing operations were plentiful and you could have alterations made to your gun as you waited.
Everyone I met seemed to have a smile on his face and to be enjoying a good time shooting and visiting with friends.
I'd encourage you to visit the new World Shooting Complex at Sparta, Illinois. It will be open to the public for casual shooting and will have some major event about once a month. There are ranges for cowboy action shooting, sporting clays, pistols, rifles, skeet and of course trap.
You may learn more about the World Shooting Complex at

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