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A Two-Gun Cyclone

Book Review

"A Two-Gun Cyclone" by B.E. Denton, Reminiscences of a Texas cowboy's life, written when he was in his seventies.

A Two-Gun Cyclone

My parents lived in Dallas, Texas from the mid to late 1930s. It was there they met and became friends with B.E. "Cyclone" Denton.

I'd heard some of the tales of Cyclone Denton, mostly from my mother. She told me about his time with Buffalo Bill Cody in his "Wild West Show" and how he was so quick with his 2 six-guns that he carried. I remember writing a school paper about what I knew then about him and the skepticism that my teacher expressed about his authenticity.

Maybe a month ago, for whatever reason, the name Cyclone Denton came again into my mind and I decided to "Google" him. I was delighted when I saw that a copy of the book that he'd written was available. Doris, being the wonderful and caring wife that she is, purchased it for me as a Christmas gift.

B.E. "Cyclone" Denton, was a true old west cowboy. Dallas was his home but he travelled all over the west and even as far east as Kentucky in his wanderlust. He did all the things that cowboys did then and was also in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for a time. He was well into his 70s when he wrote the book and was a frequent house guest of my parents while they were in Dallas. He gave them an autographed copy of his book but unfortunately, that book perished in a fire in 1953.

My older brother Shelby, the only one left from that time in Dallas, remembered the visits by Cyclone and many of his stories that he told. He also remembered reading the book that he gave to my parents and was the source of information about how it perished.

The book that Doris gave me is autographed by Cyclone and was presented to Lt. Colonel Fred Cardway, USA. It has 2 photographs of Cyclone glued in the front of the book and a newspaper clipping from the Times Herald of Dallas, dated June 16, 1932, glued in the back of the book, in which it's noted that Cyclone was inducted into the "Range Riders of the Early West". He''s pictured there in full cowboy regalia along with Colonel Cardway.


There are also several pages of songs that Cyclone remembered that he and other cowboys sang to the cattle as they drove them to market.


It's just a fun read about a time that will never exist again. Cyclone ends the book by saying, "Now the buffalo is gone, the wild turkey is gone, the antelope is gone, the wolves is gone and the two-gun man is gone."


If you like cowboy stories or stories of the old west, I'd recommend that you put this book on you list of ones to find. it's well worth the effort.








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