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Blog — CCI® Clean-22™ Pink

CCI® Clean-22™ Pink

CCI® Clean-22™ Pink fight breast cancer NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2019

CCI® Clean-22™ Pink

Keep your rimfire running cleaner and help fight breast cancer with new CCI® Clean-22™ Pink. A portion of the proceeds from every box sold goes directly to the effort to find a cure. Like other Clean-22 loads, its exclusive polymer bullet coating greatly reduces copper and lead fouling in the barrel—without leaving a residue. It also cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent and comes in a 400-round bulk bottle that’s perfect for long days at the range. With dependable CCI priming and consistent propellant, Clean-22 Pink provides flawless cycling through semi-automatics and all 22 LR firearms.  ...

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