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Blog — Speaking the Language

"You know, it's when they freeze the barrel."

Speaking the Language

When speaking with other shooters, hunters or your gunsmith, it helps to be able to "speak the language". The following are some common terms and definitions.

ACTION- The heart of the gun, receiver, bolt or breech block feeding and firearm mechanism - see Box Lock, Rolling...

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Education May be the Key

Speaking the Language

Education may be the key to preventing a real assault on firearms ownership in the next few years. This may be especially true in the area of semi-automatic guns.

The NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) has put together some information that can be used to educate media, politicians and others who are truly unaware of the differences in fully automatic weapons and semi-automatics that are...

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Definitions of Terms

Speaking the Language

Shot String: The distance in a fired shot load from the last pellet to the leading pellet in a pattern as it reaches the target

Length of Pull: The distance from the center of the trigger in the cocked position to the center of the butt plate.

Stock Drop: The angle a stock either is above or below the center line of the bore of a shotgun. Largely a matter of preference and facial shape/structure....

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Constriction & Exit Diameter

Speaking the Language

Standard (Stated) Bore Diameters

12 Gauge

Benelli .723

Beretta Optima .733

Beretta Mobilchoke .723

Beretta Xtrema Optima Plus .733

Browning Invector Plus .741

Franchi .725

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag .775

Remington .730

Ruger Red Label .745

Winchester .730

Winchester Super X2 .741

20 Gauge

Benelli .627

Beretta .627

Browning Invector Plus .630

Remington .620


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