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This story follows Eva, a traveler who experiences some car trouble and ends up spending some time with a group of women in a hotel outside of town. Our heroine is a shy, just-out-of-high-school lesbian, still living with her parents and working at a plastic su.

A married lesbian couple raising two daughters find themselves in a mid-life crisis where grief and attraction threaten their domestic nucleus. Nude bike parade. The lives of four women intersect in small-town America, where each is imperfectly blazing a trail. Lesbian movies new. Lenny Babbitt has his identity and manhood challenged when his wife Tracy leaves him for a female doctor named The final act undergoes a rather abrupt tonal shift that leaves the film in a strange place: The catalyst for Ronit returning to London and reuniting with Esti is the death of Ronit's father, so technically, someone did die in this movie The name has two meanings: Not Rated 85 min Drama, Romance.

Johnson," is shaping up to be another banner year for queer cinema. Women Who Kill Release Date: Spidarlings min Comedy, Horror, Musical 7. Love Is All You Need? I loved that Miranda, an older single woman, has such a rich and rewarding personal and professional life. PG 93 min Drama. Sally The Actress and Ruth The Politician are the beautiful lesbian couple having a secret affair out of the spotlight.

Thelma, played by incredible newcomer Eili Harboe, is a first-year college student who starts having seizures soon after she starts noticing another student named Anja Kaya Wilkins. NC min Drama, Romance. Big round tits ass. Share On whatsapp Share On whatsapp. Throughout the course of her mission, Lorraine runs into a French agent, Delphine Sofia Boutella and their eventual sex scene is, well, sexy — without being too unrealistic or male-gazey.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee February 9, Page 1 of 2. Guy realizes girl is a cop. Not Rated 85 min Drama. Poverty stricken lovers Eden and Matilda have enough trouble just getting through the days, but when Eden buys a pet spider the real troubles start. As most teenagers do, she spends the summer exploring her sexuality. For a film about radical feminist ideals, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is told in quite conventional ways, including an awkwardly forced framing device.

Despite the fact that they're on opposite sides of the law, the two get to ride off into the night together. Not Rated 88 min Drama.

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The entire plot of Room in Rome is that two women spend a single night in a hotel room together. R min Drama, Romance. Sexy ass cum. Jordana comes home after 2 year internship in Israel to find that her parents Efron and Etel have betrothed her to be immediately married to a wealthy businessman.

Poverty stricken lovers Eden and Matilda have enough trouble just getting through the days, but when Eden buys a pet spider the real troubles start.

They fall in love, fall apart, and fall back together again. Its an ok film just make sure you don't pay for it like I did. Gangster Kittens Drama, Thriller 8. Most of us agree that this film was terriblebut its not without its merits. Not Rated 82 min Drama. R 97 min Drama, Music, Romance. Maureen Dowd, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary and author of three New York Times best sellers, became an Op-Ed columnist in Jordan Lily Halla 20 year old athletic university student has added another extracurricular activity to her over-scheduled life--seducing her tutor, Angie Christina Hallettwhile PG min Biography, Drama, Romance.

When JJ falls in love, her friendship with Seb is tested. Lesbian movies new. Hot milf pics com. But my editors want to know. A young girl in Nevada becomes romantically involved with a female drifter who introduces her to a life of stripping, drugs, and metaphysical experiences that teach her what happens when real life catches up with dark fantasy. Carol R min Drama, Romance 7. When I was in my teens, I watched a lot of films where a girl would leave her hometown for July and find true summer love. In this Norwegian art-horror psychodrama, the familiar themes of coming of age, queerness, religion, and battling repression crop up in the unique context of a formalist Scandinavian thriller.

Weisz has been optioning novels and has six other movies focusing on women in the works. This may have been the first queer movie you ever saw — it was for many of us!

Ultimately, Thelma is a love story in which Thelma is learning to love both herself and another woman. Devil's Domain Not Rated 93 min Horror 3. R min Drama, Horror, Romance. Beautiful women stripping nude. Weisz said that, as a producer, she agreed with Mr. Even if they did have what could be considered blind spotsthey were widely beloved and widely recognized by queer and straight audiences alike.

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Before leaving for college, a recently dumped goth girl's life changes forever when she falls in love with a smart and professional college grad who is staying in the family's guest house.

The death penalty is a massively controversial topic and not typically the basis for a love story, however, My Days of Mercy pulls it off convincingly. Two young actresses fall in love with each other while filming a lesbian love scene, then break up months later, and then are forced to reunite in order to re-shoot the love scene for the movie's distribution. Wendy McMillan, Guinevere Turner.

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