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Explore more from this seller. So that's the obvious differences on the box and palette. All i see is you blake lively nude. Today I finally have my comparison post for you guys between the Fake Naked 3 palette and the real Naked 3 palette. Urban decay naked 3 fake. Check it out yourself. And the seller still doesn't really believe me when I told them it was fake! The fake box is a plain box with gold writing and that is it.

Hopefully yours is real and was just a misprint! But i was trying to sell these. This is really ridiculous though, they are saying "I had it brought just because you wanted the palette and now you decide you don't want it" -- then why did you list the item on sale?

The fake one top is basically a knock-off of the Naked 2 box and nothing like the Naked 3 palette box at all. You can purchase the Naked 3 palette from Beauty Bay if you are in Australia. Home Urban Decay Accessories. They did a really good job on the lettering and placement.

Is there a serial number on the brush? In doing this I've realized that these comparison posts are definitely the most time-consuming ones to make! The fake brush is darker and has a flat shadow brush on one end and a fluffy blending brush on the other.

With the fake, I had to do some prying to get it open. Young big tits anal. Would u consider a trade? If you place it on the table and get eye level with the table to read the writing, the writing should be upside down.

Now I am just more careful. And yes, I bought it from the Turkish extension of ebay directly related to ebay I mean and I reported it as fake and demanded refund. Also, all of the eyeshadow names should be perfectly centered and clearly printed. It's hard to tell from that photo. Where was it purchased?

Liked Like Comment Share Report. Once you have it on hand check the back, there should be a code printed on the box that will correspond to the same code on the back of the metal packaging. Thanks for your patience.

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Buzz is fairly similar and the pigment is high in the fake. Pierced naked women. Not to mention the fact that I bought it from sephora too?

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The name of each shadow is printed on the case itself, whereas the fake one has no names on it I believe there are a few fakes out there that have the names printed on, so be watchful of that. Now I am just more careful. The colour of the plastic inside the fake palette is also a totally different colour to the real one. I'm not sure if these people know they are not authentic or just trying to scam you.

I'm very excited to be helping spread the word about Kotex again, this time with a different product - the U By Kotex Lightdays liner I did get it authenticated and provide that paperwork Jun 03 The fake Mugshot is actually really nice, just a tad darker than the real one. It is limited edition and availab If it doesn't have a serial number, it is not authentic.

If you did you can email them and they may be able to reverse the transaction because replicas are not allowed. If you are keen for the Naked palette but can't afford the steep price range, there are cheaper dupes out there that are similar in colour and a lot more affordable! These are some pics my sister sent me Don't back down on this.

Sides of box The top one and the bottom Naked 2 palette are about the same height, but the one in the middle is about half a size larger. I just started looking for makeup on here. Urban decay naked 3 fake. Nude mujra latest. On the top two pictures, you have to see them side by side to even notice a difference. The fake Strange has hardly any pigmentation - as you can see, it doesn't even really show up on my arm. Anyone has a solution to the problem? Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Explore more from this seller.

There are articles everywhere if you google for it here is one I found:. Ok ladies so I seen sooooo many people selling fake naked3 pallets as Authentic! Drag and drop the images on the address bar to view the full-size image.

They look exactly like the one with numbers, no difference. Thank you for making this post: The real version will be black and have pink glitter in it and the fake versions generally do not. After I made mention of this to the seller, she promptly refunded my money.

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Amanda peet naked pictures The fake Nooner is a totally different shade and very sheer - not pigmented at all. She is lying to her followers saying they are authentic.
Purple naked ladies I recently found out about a brand called Karity, and as soon as I saw their shadows I knew I needed to try some of them! Sides of box The top one and the bottom Naked 2 palette are about the same height, but the one in the middle is about half a size larger.
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