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One could ascertain the location of where the photos were taken.

So the "evidence" provided in this article is just hearsay. I am sick over the propaganda, and idiots who actually buy into it. Nude self pics. Originally Posted by Chemdawg99 I thought conservatives were above this kind of pettiness? In short, Snopes should be given about the same amount of credit as any other unsourced, anonymous piece appearing on the web. Stanley ann dunham nude. Obama's mother chose her own path and never looked back. Dunham when she was married, but we cannot possibly verify that he is the one deceased now and that sounds like partisan nonsense to us.

Retrieved October 3, Christne Sixteen November 12, at The woman is even wearing the same spiked-ball earrings as Gilbert's 'Ann'. Log In Remember Me? Her nose is upturned in a French fashion while her mouth is petite and heart shaped cutely and her neck lines are the same. Unknown November 6, at 6: At the record player to her right, and the records peeking out below her leg. The photo on the right is the high school yearbook photo of Stanley Ann Durham, Barack Obama's mother and according to Snopesboth the photo on the left and the photo in the center show the same woman: So be sure to keep an eye out for those to come.

He found that opera glove photo; it was not circulating the web as an 'Ann' photo prior to his videos. Sexy skirt nude. Yes I think you are correct, its becasue she is white!! Nice try, not really. John July 13, at Or, speculating on her sex life? If that's what you produce, I hope you stopped breeding early. I verified that it is factual, all of it.

But the fact is, people are reporting receiving the disc in the mail. Fortunately, I was able to find the pictures myself, using Google - though I don't think the site where I found them is the site where they originally surfaced. Sure, she bears a passing resemblance, in the same sense that as a bespectacled young white guy, I bear a passing resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe.

That's right, it's the exact same setting as the 'Ann' photos.

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Regardless of how unscientific Gilbert is in his research, he may be on to something with Frank Marshall Davis. Where are you White Devil??

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Her nose is upturned in a French fashion while her mouth is petite and heart shaped cutely and her neck lines are the same. Nancy wu nude. Christmas decorations are shown in some of the photos. Skeptic1 February 2, at And Gilbert told me that neither the movie or the website showed the actual covers of the issues Anne was in. Use the better photo I linked you to.

Tramp comes to mind. The crookedness in her teeth are much easier to see. Best TV show of all time? Then choose the option to add this bookmark to your home screen. BB code is On. The pics were reportedly located on a porno site whose name is evident on one of them, the "Free Vintage Porn" Whatchamacallit site. Gilbert claims that more than a million copies of Dreams From My Real Father have been mailed to voters in Ohio, as well between 80, andto voters in Nevada andto voters in New Hampshire.

Since you use Plaster of Paris for flour, is it any wonder that everything you bake is as hard as bricks and unfit for human consumption? Retrieved December 23, Find More Posts by 67tripwr. Ugly lesbians having sex. Stanley ann dunham nude. Also a stereo and records that an expert could confirm as jazz records are in view. I'm more concerned with what BHO does with the economy than what his mother may or most likely may not have done in the 50s. The poses in those pictures remind me--vividly--of the positions and types of kinky sex she preferred when I knew her fifty years ago.

Or are we on a witch hunt to see what women we can reveal to be nasty or dirty so we can burn them at the stake or something else like EXPOSE them? John January 8, at 5: Jude Donor '12, ' The photos, he says, bolster his belief that Dunham had an intimate relationship with Davis.

But the Dunham family didn't move to Hawaii until the summer of The photos are important in the sense that they explain the going to Chicago and the immediate acceptance by the hard left, if his father is Frank Marshall Davis, not just his mentor. Obama's Mother died of cancer 14 years ago. Obama mom She's a good looking woman and a loveing mother In activist Loren Collins filed a complaint against Gilbert with the Federal Election Commissionsaying that the filmmaker was required to disclose his donors who financed the pre-election mailing of millions of unsolicited DVDs of the film to voters in several swing states.

The writer of this piece has not used first hand information in coming to his conclusions.

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