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Hevi-13 Turkey Choke - Invector/Win-Choke 12 Gauge


Hevi-13 Turkey Choke - Invector/Win-Choke 12 Gauge

$44.95 $63.99

Fits Browning shotguns using the Invector thread pattern, Winchester 1200, 1300, Mossberg 500, 535 and 9200, Savage, TC and other shotguns.

Hevi-13® Turkey Chokes are precisely engineered for bee-swarm-dense patterning with Hevi-13 loads. These wad-slowing chokes also pattern tightly with lead and other lead-alternative loads. A series of internal rings slow the wad, keeping it away from the shot cloud for extremely tight patterns. Axial porting reduces barrel jump. Exit Diameter .662

Also available in non-ported without internal rings. Exit Diameter .660.

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