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JEB's 12 Gauge Turkey Choke - Beretta A-400

JEB'S Precision Choke Tubes

JEB's 12 Gauge Turkey Choke - Beretta A-400

$95.95 $109.95

The Headhunter turkey choke was designed for all turkey hunters, whether you're a seasoned veteran or just beginning to hunt these great birds. It will deliver dense and even patterns down range without large gaps that can allow a turkey to escape.

The Headhunter turkey choke features JEB's patented interior bore design (U.S. Patent # 8458945) which allows for better shot and wad cup separation.

Made in U.S.A.

Available in .650, .655, .660, and 665 exit diameters

Please indicate the exit diameter you'd like in the "Add a note to your order" section of "Your Cart".

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