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Custom Patterning Service

All About Shooting

Custom Patterning Service

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Patterning a shotgun can be a painful, time consuming and expensive proposition. Purchasing a number of different turkey chokes and a variety of shotshells can really add up to a major expense.

All About Shooting offers a service that allows you to see exactly how your barrel interacts with a variety of turkey chokes and shotshells and allows you to make a more informed decision about what works best in your barrel.

This is not a "cookie cutter" service and it can be tailored to your exact needs .

This is what we do:

All shots are made from a stable rest at large paper. The most popular range is 40 yards from the muzzle of the gun but that range can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.  We perform an analysis of the pattern with an emphasis on the quality of the pattern and not just the number of pellet strikes within that pattern.

We use the commonly accepted 10" circle as the standard for evaluating patterns and measure gaps of 2" or more within that circle for evaluating pattern quality.

We believe that pattern quality is very important. A pattern may have a large number of pellet strikes that are clumped within a given area but may also have many gaps within that pattern that might allow a turkey to escape. For that reason, we report both pellet strikes and any 2" or larger gaps within each pattern.

That pattern analysis will allow you to select the choke and shotshell combination that will work the best for you.

What we provide to you:

A written report which includes the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and altitude under which the evaluation was performed.

A spreadsheet with the results of the evaluation of each target with each choke and shotshell.


How to get started:

Please email to begin a conversation about the details of the shells and chokes you'd like to be evaluated with your shotgun barrel.

1. Select the turkey chokes and shotshells* that you want evaluated. You may ask us for suggestions based upon our experience with various products.  You may choose to  send us your choke tube(s) and have us compare them with a selection chokes** that we have available.

2. Send us your barrel (barrel only, no complete guns) and we do the work for you. Then we send you a report that allows you to compare the performance of the chokes and shotshells that you select.


Please send us an email and we'll be happy to clarify the terms and conditions of this service.

*We charge market price for all shells used.

**Subject to availability.


You are responsible for shipping and insurance charges and assume all responsibility for any damage incurred in shipment. Usual care will be taken in the evaluation process but All About Shooting assumes no responsibility for any possible damage to your barrel incurred in the evaluation process.  Payment is required at the time the barrel is shipped.

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