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After the events of RE2 she chose to devote her life to fighting bioterrorism.

The Darkside Chronicles Being one of the only characters in the game to go through that transition, but we can see how useful and valuable her skills are when she is in battle. When she gets infected and transforms she carries her looks with her, keeping the skin tight clothes while they melt into the rest of her look. This milf squirts. Sexy resident evil girls. Agree 2 Disagree 2. Damnation and Resident Evil 6.

Sexy resident evil girls

Are we going to find out it was all a dream? While Anderson's films bear only a superficial resemblance to the movies, they share the same fondness for elaborate weirdness to get zombies after their respective heroes seriously, if you get a chance to pore through the history of the "RE" games, it's a chronicle of weird corporate ambition, pseudo-incest, mutant children, and villages filled with plague-worshiping cultists.

In the game, she is a spy for an unnamed rival company who is sent to recover a sample of the deadly G-virus from Umbrella's lab in the zombie-infested Raccoon City.

Retrieved April 1, Ada's motion capture actress in ' Resident Evil 6Michelle Leesaid that the process was "definitely a challenge and with the amazing team they were very specific on how she moved, her specific characteristics and even how she stood still".

Anderson sees the influence between the game and movies going both ways, with many of the surface elements of the films being drawn from the console counterparts. Views Read Edit View history. Of course she turns him down flat. Myst d ago Female Zombie? Give TheRichest a Thumbs up! Retrieved January 28, Retrieved August 1, God of War guide: If the plot I'm laying out here all seems circular and a little contrived, maybe it is, but that's not putting too much daylight between the films and the games that inspired them.

Series 1 by NECA The Darkside Chronicles[51] by an unnamed actress in Resident Evil: She has a vast knowledge of different weapons from firearms to knives that you use throughout the game. Join our Group Send a Note. Unlike Jill and Clairewhose cleverness and puzzle-solving skills were well-matched to intricate, booby-trapped mansions and police stations, Ada's character has been molded to fit the Leon scenarios' faster-paced, shooter-style gameplay.

TheDivine d ago Def Chri She is a mysterious and ambiguous antihero figure, working for the series' villains but also helping the protagonist Leon S. Tits and face. With her dominant personality she is still caring towards others, she is self-serving but not completely closed off.

I see you've been doing your homework.

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God of War guide: Sheva is an agent that worked with Chris in Africa. She has a younger sister named Deborah for whom she would go to any lengths to protect, which includes actually shooting her sister's abusive boyfriend. Big booty lesbians tumblr. He says that it keeps the series feeling fresh, his way of drawing in audiences to a new adventure featuring their favorite genetically modified heroine.

She has a vast knowledge of different weapons from firearms to knives that you use throughout the game. Thats pretty much most the women of the series. Eventually, she is taken hostage by Saddler, who uses her as bait to trap Leon. Sexy resident evil girls. This is something she was meant to do. She works for the United States Federal Government anti-bioterrorism task force.

She overcame lots of different obstacles but with her motivated nature she made it through.

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Are we going to find out it was all a dream? Jessica is hot too dammit. Ada is a playable character in Resident Evil 6 set inwhere she is "a lone spy working in secret". She survives an accidental T-virus leak, escapes and realizes her feelings for Leon, deciding to quit the spy business and return to him. Lily labeau lesbian videos. Cahill described the character as "a totally hip, modern, kick ass femme fatale who could handle weapons awesomely" and stated that she loved Ada's "resilience, her strength with still being sexy and very female".

With him stringing her along the whole time he wanted to use her one last time by letting her become a sacrifice. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Oh wait, were we not doing the song? We have a lot of independent ladies on this list, which is great and plays out great fantasy.

Ada manages to escape and meets up with Leon who at first briefly fights with herthen survives and flees. After learning the truth about herself, Carla is driven insane and resolves to infect the entire world. The live-action film series ' version of Ada appeared in Resident Evil: Anderson also enjoyed the opportunity to throw Rodriguez for a loop in dual roles as the Umbrella-controlled Rain and a gun-control advocate elementary school teacher caught up in one of the corporation's controlled zombie outbreaks.

Agree 3 Disagree 3. She is smart and knows how valuable her family name is. Cute nude anime girls. She eventually succeeds in infecting Simmons, but is killed by one of his men.

It has been 4 years since the 6 th one has come out, taking more of a hard core action game approach rather than the horror game route it usually follows. She reports to the villain Albert Wesker who is now in a high position within the rival company. Now Leons a different story Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ada Wong.

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Excella Gionne her accent alone wins no contest but i'd say Jill, Sheva and Sherry are also hot as a habanero on you guess what. Rather than how in most video games stressful situations cause some female characters to break down and fall apart which does happen in this listRebecca knows better and tries even harder when faced with something stressful. In Resident Evil 6 during her story arch you find out that she is the reason for the Tall Oaks outbreak, because of her need to protect her sister after they were both kidnapped, she was left no other choice than to be manipulated by Derek C.

She was one of the first sent to the Arklay Mountains to investigate the cannibal murders and was the sole survivor of her squad. Sexy naked body. Sexy resident evil girls. The Umbrella ChroniclesResident Evil: Culture Resident Evil Retro itemget.

AnimationStamp and Icon. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Cum in pussy girl InLi Bingbing was cast as the Resident Evil live-action film series version of Ada, only a few days after her first audition. Archived from the original on November 5, Just send your request 2. This list is based on the most impressive, accomplished, and beautiful women the game has to offer. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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